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Coloring pages: 101 Dalmatians

An intriguing plot of a multi-threaded story about brave spotted puppies and their parents. Scary Cruella De Mon wants to kidnap the dogs to sew a beautiful fur. However, with your help, brave Dalmatians will not let her carry out their cruel plan and will teach her a decent lesson. 101 Dalmatians coloring pages have an educational mission, they will teach children to resist cunning people, to unite to achieve a noble goal, as the puppies did in this fairy tale. Coloring the main characters will not be boring. A great fairy tale for adults and children. Each subsequent adventure fills the coloring pages with new emotions of Dalmatians. Beautify the world of these animals with the help of crayons, paints or markers. To find yourself in the world of true friends you need to download for free and then print 101 Dalmatians for kids. The collected coloring pages show they are in love with a huge dog family: Peggy’s mum, Pongo’s father and all their canine children, and their dog owners, Roger and Anita. The creators of the coloring book have not forgotten about the insidious Cruella de Ville, who decided to start producing fur from the skins of puppies, and her supporters, who were ordered to kidnap these lovely puppies. If you are curious about the further fate of the heroes from this story, you can follow the pictures in this coloring book. They are all of good quality.

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